Attention! Health and Safety specialists face fines imposed by DoL!

You must comply with the OHS ACT!

Health and Safety Advisor
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Health and Safety Advisor
Published by: Fleet Street Publications (Pty) Ltd
Frequency of publication: regular updating service
Format: Loose Leaf Binder
Available: Free CD containing the OHS Act and COID Act + Subscription to the Health and Safety Advisor Loose Leaf Service + Daily tips and advice from the Health and Safety bulletin eletter + Online helpdesk where our experts answer your health and safety questions.

Price: R955 + VAT + POSTAGE

Each subject contains:
•    Exposure of the legal framework;
•    Correct solutions to law enforcement;
•    Practical advice;
•    Alerts, recommendations;
•    Penalties for not complying;
•    Ways to avoid paying penalties;
•    Samples of important documents.

Examples of topics addressed in this loose leaf service:
•    Control measures you must put in place to prevent accidents
•    Accidents or incidents — step by step what you must do next
•    How to calculate how much compensation to pay — Must you pay any at all?
•    Reporting incidents/accidents/and near incidents: The different procedures.
•    How should you secure an area after an accident?
•    How do you claim from the worker's compensation fund? Can everyone claim?
•    How to deal with absenteeism because of excessive sick leave
•    Medical checkups for employees: When, who, how often, documents you need.
•    257 point checklist to ensure you comply with all the Construction Regulations
•    15 strategies to get employees to bring a safety attitude to work
•    Risk assessment worksheets to make sure you’ve included everything
•    How to do risk assessment inspections
•    Ten-point checklist for emergency preparedness
•    Checklist: Health and safety requirements in the workplace
•    16 safety signs you must display in your workplace
•    How to conduct a compliance health and safety audit
•    How to develop a Health and Safety policy
•    How to monitor and evaluate your health and safety programme
•    11 legal duties of the employer
•    Health and safety representatives: responsibilities and duties
•    Duties of manufacturers and suppliers
•    Employees responsibilities: they have obligations as well
•    41 sample nomination and appointment forms
•    OHS checklists and registers
•    And much more…
Recently, the Department of Labour (DoL) conducted over 190,000 impromptu health and safety inspections. It even shut down a company for failing to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA).

Employers have been warned that there will be many more inspections. Here's how you can be prepared when they show up at your door unannounced.

Dear reader,

Here are just some of the non-compliance issues the DoL found and that led to fines!

1. Failure to comply with the OHS Act
•    Inadequate training of health and safety
•    No risk assessment and occupational disease and injury prevention and protection plans
•    No Health and Safety Committee at work

2. Inadequate medical supervision
•    Lack of medical examinations upon employment
•    Lack of control for employees returning to work and regular medicals
•    Lack of fitness medical records

3. Lack of advice and technical checks for lifting and pressure;

4. Lack of protection devices and machine guards (screens, fenders, lids) work equipment;

5. Lack of protection against shock hazards (lack of protection by earthing failure and not showing/ having access-controlled switchboards).

It’s time to look at your company from a DoL’s perspective and see what you need to fix!

Your Health & Safety Advisor  includes:
The latest laws made simple;
Easy to use sample forms;
Practical Advice and Tips;
Items updated with the latest news.

It also includes all the updated changes of the OHS Act!

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Can you imagine…

Quietly sipping your first coffee of the day, even though you’re expecting a visit from the DoL Inspector. You’re so calm and relaxed, because you know that:

You’re perfectly prepared - because you already know what the DoL inspector will look for and what he’ll tell you to do and not to do.

  You already know what documents he’ll ask for and all are properly prepared, filed and ready for the big "review".

All your employee records, armed with all the necessary documents, employment contracts with clauses relating to safety and health at work are ready.

You know all your decisions are already based on legal grounds given by experts in health and safety.

You know that all risk factors in your company have been properly evaluated and, consequently, your protection measures are correct and safe.

You know very well that you did everything you can to avoid the penalties stipulated in the OHS Act and other regulations.

Your health and safety plan is in place and in perfect accordance with the specific activities of the company ...

So what's there left to do? Maybe offer the DoL inspector a cup of coffee?

YES! I want the Health and Safety Advisor
Loose Leaf Service

The Health & Safety Advisor now has the cost saving solutions you need!

And now it can become reality!
The Health & Safety Advisor will support you in fulfilling your obligations in health and safety in your workplace.
It helps you create a legally safe and secure environment.

The Health & Safety Advisor is a practical guide that offers:
Immediate notification of any law changes
Correct interpretation of the law - solutions from specialists
Recommendations for the correct application of the law
Warnings about the repercussions of not complying with the law
Warnings of possible hazards, certain pitfalls in the law
Tips to prepare for your DoL inspections
Samples of documents you need to prepare ...

Everything you need to ensure your health and safety information is correct and compliant!

YES! I want the Health and Safety Advisor
Loose Leaf Service

Here's how the Health & Safety Advisor can help you:

 You’ll have peace of mind knowing you have the correct understanding of the OHS Act;
 You’ll know how to correctly apply the laws in your workplace;

 Avoid penalties devastating to your budget (can reach over R100 000!)
Meet the DoL’s accepted standards;
Get rid of stress related to safety;
You’ll have peace of mind that your employees are working in conditions of maximum safety and health at work;
Saves wasted time and unnecessary energy consumption.

You see, the Health & Safety Advisor is:

In the century of speed and aligning trend information, we provide:
•    An impressive amount of specialised information
•    Comments, recommendations from experts, indications, warnings
•    Current legislative issues
•    Collective experience of our highly experienced and qualified experts

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Using the Health & Safety Advisor means you’re kept up-to-date with the OHS Act and changing laws, getting your most pressing answers now:
•    Written in plain English, making it easy to understand and use
•    Simple ordering of information, allowing easy finding topics of interest
•    Easy to update
•    Used in the office, at home, on the taxi or in a waiting room.


Saving you time when solving a problem through quick access to specialised information is one of the attributes of the Health & Safety Advisor. It allows:
•    Instant access to the relevant article by simply looking through the index!
•    Search by keywords of a topic
•    Receive your updates and simply insert them into your binder


12 months of information from experts in Health and Safety and it’ll only cost you R995 + VAT and delivery

Special offer exclusively FREE!

Get your Free Health and Safety Toolkit CD that includes:
The COID Act and OHS Act, checklists, agendas, forms and questionnaires, appointment letters, contracts and agreements to start making your job easier.

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Loose Leaf Service

Attention! An accident at work will cost much more than you could imagine! Instead, avoid an accident and help increase your company's profit!

Avoid the danger of an accident in your company! Not only could you get a fine, but your employees inability to work will cost money that you could have used elsewhere. I’m not even going to talk about fatal accidents, which can result in jail time. And the burden of losing lives on your site…


“Brilliant. Without it I would have cost the company a lot of money”

  J. Tomlinson

Choose now to make sure all the staff in your company work in good health and safety conditions! I guarantee, it costs you much less! In addition, a smart investment in occupational safety in your company can save significant amounts of money.

The Health & Safety Advisor brings you the information you need to make your job easier. And you’ll learn how to prevent accidents and protect your workers

Specifically, you’ll learn how to reduce the:
•    Cost of sick leave or compensation due to injured workers;
•    Number of processes interrupted or discontinued in your work;
•    Absenteeism;
•    Costs due to "downtime";
•    Costs of hiring and training another worker;
•    Costs for accident investigations;

IMPORTANT: Reducing all these costs and increasing labour productivity through business continuity causes a visible increase your business profit!

Order your Health & Safety Advisor for the correct application of South African legislation on safety and health at work. Now at the unbeatable price of only R995 + VAT

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We pay attention to the demands of our customers and we have created this tool just for you. The Health & Safety Advisor will turn you into a true health and safety guru!

Here's what some of our loyal subscribers had to say about using the Health and Safety Advisor:

"Best investment I ever made. Informative, up to date, good guidelines" MGS Lolat

“We seem to have been able to avoid sticky situations with a positive attitude and your good information!”  N. Stobaus

"It is essential to any business, and the bonus is it is written in a way that is easy to understand and relates to your business' day to day tasks" A.J. Laws

We offer our subscribers a competitive product that’s really useful in your workplace. The Health & Safety Advisor offers a practical format, easy to handle or archive:
•    Articles are written in clear language, concise, easy to understand, 100% practical;
•    Specialist advice for the implementing all health and safety laws and regulations;
•    Warnings of the penalties you can get not complying with the OHS Act;
•    Recommendations on how to avoid these penalties;
•    Samples, templates and important documents – to save you time in preparing for any inspection from the DoL.

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Loose Leaf Service

Here are just some of the problems the Health & Safety Advisor will help you solve:
Prevent incidents
Comply with the OHS Act
How to prepare for any DoL inspection
Employer obligations as per the OHS Act
Your employees rights when it comes to health and safety  


“The most useful tool to have in your business. Thank you!” H. Ridlett

Health and safety committee work - Composition and powers
Personal Protective Equipment and work equipment
Assessment of risk factors
What are the steps you must take to avoid the worst punishment: Prison
What to do when you encounter a work accident
DoL Inspection - penalties
Proper training of workers

In addition, for different fields and for different jobs, you’ll receive periodic templates and examples of:
•    Risk assessments;
•    Emergency plans;
•    Instructions for implementation of OHS measures;
•    Health and safety training in the workplace.

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Get your complete Health & Safety Advisor Loose Leaf Subscription Service!

Including legal health and safety updates, the Health and Safety handbook, the Health and Safety Toolkit CD, access to the 24/7 expert advice helpdesk, five bonus reports and the daily Health and Safety Bulletin newsletter.

It includes:

Over 500 pages of definitions, legal regulations and useful advice that will guide you through all the health and safety laws and regulations.

26 Construction Regulation Checklists to ensure you're complying with all the laws;

41 Sample appointment letters and forms you need to kick start your SHE File;

All the templates, forms, checklists and inspection sheets you’ll ever need to ensure you're ready for any DoL inspection and remain 100% compliant with the OHS Act .

The Health and Safety Advisor Loose Leaf Subscription Service is a full service health and safety consultancy you will use every day!


And that’s just the start
Get 4 Bonus Gifts and Services

(Worth R1 949 – Yours Absolutely free)

You’ll also receive FOUR Bonus Gifts and Services to save you money and make your job even easier.

These include:

Bonus Service #1: Annual health and safety legal updates
Health and safety law changes are gazetted throughout the year. The updating subscription guarantees that your handbook is always 100% up-to-date. Simply remove the outdated pages and replace them with the new ones. It’s always up-to-date and accurate!  

Bonus Toolkit #2: Health and Safety Toolkit CD
You’ll get free copies of the OHS Act and COID Act on your Health and Safety Toolkit CD. Plus it includes 63 templates, checklists and appointment letters that you can use immediately in your business. (valued at R499)

Bonus Service #3: Free expert advice to solve my Health and Safety problems
I have access to a personalised Health and Safety Helpdesk service where a team of health and safety experts are available 24/7 to answer your specific questions. Simply log onto the and ask your specific health and safety question using the “Health and Safety Helpdesk” button. And Voila! One of the experts will assist you with a personalised answer. (valued at R1 000)

Bonus Service #4: Daily health and safety tips and advice straight to my inbox
Every day you’ll get the Health and Safety Bulletin email newsletter. It’s packed with useful tips, reminders and expert advice to solve your daily health and safety problems. (valued at R450)

Health and Safety full package


But that’s not all you’ll get in your package…

Get 5 Additional Bonus Gifts
(Valued at R495 – Yours absolutely free)

To welcome you as the newest subscriber, you’ll get instant health and safety tips, with these FREE five bonus reports:
7 Health and Safety Strategies (valued at R99)
20 Essential Health and Safety Tips (valued at R99)
Personal Protective Equipment (valued at R99)
Risk Assessments (valued at R99)
Your health and safety budget guide (valued at R99)

5 free reports

A Total Value of R3 139
But you receive everything at a massive discount when you sign up now to the Health and Safety Advisor Loose Leaf Subscription Service

Despite the fact that the Health and Safety Advisor Loose Leaf Subscription Service is developed by health and safety experts and will save you thousands in penalties and COID claims, you don’t have to pay a high-end price.

The full subscription is only R3 139 a year…. which is a pittance, compared to the savings you’ll make within a few months.

And here’s the great news!

Today, you can secure your full subscription for as little as R995 excl Vat - a R2 145 saving.

And, you can still decide if the subscription is right for you, because…

EVERYTHING is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
30 day money back guarantee

If at any time during the next 30 days, for any reason whatsoever, you decide the Health and Safety Advisor Loose Leaf Service isn’t for you, simply call or email You will be refunded every cent of the subscription price.

It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

No pressure – no gimmicks – no strings attached.

Important notice: The above loose leaf pricing is for the main volume contents only. The loose leaf comes with a convenient updating service to keep on top of updated legislation and new information. The cost of each updating issue varies depending on the number of pages it contains.  

A Total Value of R3 139!

But you Receive Everything at a Massive Discount

 and Only Pay R995


The 500 page Health and Safety handbook valued at R695
Health and Safety Toolkit CD valued at R499
Free expert advice to solve your health and safety problems valued at R1 000
Daily Health and Safety solutions straight to your inbox valued at R450
Bonus Gift 1: 20 Essential Health and Safety Tips valued at R99
Bonus Gift 2: 7 Health and Safety Strategies valued at R99
Bonus Gift 3: How to manage your PPE valued at R99
Bonus Gift 4: Risk Assessments valued at R99
Bonus Gift 5: Your guide to Health and Safety Budgets valued at R99

Total package worth R3 139. You only pay R995 (excl vat and delivery). Save R2 145.

Stay Safe!

Rachel Paterson
Business Publisher – Workplace Safety

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